Oral Tradition and Synoptic Verbal Agreement

Rez. zu. T. M. Derico, Oral Tradition and Synoptic Verbal Agreement. Evaluating the Empirical Evidence for Literary Dependence. Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications 2016, in: ThLZ 142 (2017) 1035-1038:

„In recent times a number of New Testament scholars have come to the conclusion that copying may not offer the best explanation for the Synoptic Problem. A growing minority believes that the influence of oral tradition has long been underestimated. In his Oxford dissertation, which was supervised by Chris Rowland, and David Wenham, Travis Derico has joined the group of exegetes who apply an interdisciplinary empirical approach to the Synoptic Problem and explore the possible contributions of the most recent field research on orality and oral tradition …“ (download).